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[2014.05.27] New contest for you!


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Hello there, friends!


A new contest in our game has begun, now it's beauty contest "Mister and Miss Warspear Online".

If you're interested you can visit this topic http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?board=125.0 for details.


We will be waiting for your participation! Good luck!


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Future could a fanclub competition.

Eg creative photos showing how much we love Warspear Online :give_rose:

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I have a feeling the 2 most popular ones will end up being the 2 biggest mcoin users, since that's who ppl like, the ones that pay for their tournament outfits. Watch Skynete/Physik/Oracles be one of the winners, wouldnt be surprised. Silly contest. Not that they don't deserve it, grats for them if they win. Just needs to be some kind of way for good players to shine w/o already being part of the popular clique, 1v1 arena with new good rewards, for example, or a new lab-type dungeon that offers costumes as rare drops like doom is rare from eye.

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