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I deleted my character

Aditya Maheshwari

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Hey there, i had deleted my character named with skabra earlier i had deleted it about 2 years ago and i want to recover my old character It was Lvl 28 Ranger class in EU-Emerald if there is any way in which support team can help me out it will be glad to know.

I still have my id with me and i just want to recover my ranger back . help me out there.

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support team cant help you with this


there is an option to restore character for miracle coins, but there are some restrictions which i dont remember right now but there are events during which you can restore older characters aswell

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39 minutes ago, Aditya Maheshwari said:

In what time those events would come? because restoring character is only possible from the game is upto 90 days of deletion and my char was deleted 2years ago


If i remember correctly we have had the "restoration week" near anniversary


^this was in 2021


and this was in 2020


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