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Teleport ticket/free (I need your votes)


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Walking and questing in this game is a torment. 19 miracle coins for one scroll is not good deal so if you creators refuse add mounts or walk speed I said delete that teleport scrolls and make teleports for free or make teleport ticket with no limit of teleports. This is petition so vote yes or not.

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well, there are some workarounds on this 

you could create chieftain or seeker, both of which have movement speed increasing skill


and sometimes battle pass will have mount skill when you reach certain amount of points, which is what this current bp does image.png.be24fd0a638beb9e22b9582ad8f8bda6.png


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I doubt that will happen...

However I could see an item being added that gives a ''Fast travel ticket'' buff or whatever, that makes you teleport for free for a certain amount of time like 2-4hrs. It would cost around the same amount as 1 set of teleport scrolls (99 Mc) or probably a bit less. That way when you're jumping from map to map doing daily events and such you can just use that and save a little bit of gold and do the events in that time.


I do agree though, teleportation is a problem especially if your guild does the events daily, add to that seasonal events/raid bosses etc.. You can easily spend 10-20 tp scrolls daily.

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I do agree that mounts would be awesome, and if added correctly, could even change the way we fight in war. Aigrind wouldn't remove a moneymaking item over that unfortunately

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