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Why selling or buying accounts guide to ban?

Marwan Mohamed


Hi iwas asking why buy sell accounts guide to ban?  And now in 2022 warspear became boring asf so many quit the game 

And they could sell ther accounts for real money and money helps specially if i left my acc gonna die 


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I don't know how to answer you, it's already a level of a game administrator, but according to the EULA rules of conduct:

Temporal full denial of game access:

  • posing as administration representative;
  • triple entering of wrong confirmation code, creating or suspicion of creating of bot-characters;
  • trading or offering to trade game objects, including game currency for real money;
  • systematic begging.

Permanent full denial of game access:

  • repeated creation of bot-characters
  • repeated sale of in-game valuables, including items and currency, for real money
  • using someone else's account, changing the data of someone else's account
  • in-game fraudulent actions
  • concealing and abusing in-game errors in a way not compliant with the game process or the EULA
  • repeated violations of the Rules of Conduct and repeated temporary block of access to the game by the administration.

And Info system in worldchat always says Dont sell trade accounts



Of course, I see the problems as:
Accounts can be turned into a commerce. which is bad
Email scams. more and more bad and sometimes people's uses personal emails. Is more ez for real owner scam you.


if you want more information better write private message to @Nolan

It also happens that sometimes one does not read the small letters, if you are going to accept a contract you must comply with it, if you do not comply it is already your responsibility and you run the risk of those who call punishments

4.1.4. create no more than 2 (two) Profiles and game characters in the amount stipulated by the technical capabilities of the Game.

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Cuz people cant be trusted how you will know if this is the real owner of the acc or if the seller dont plan to retrieve that acc later, you maybe honest and really want to sell the acc and never bother the buyer but there are many other people who wait for opportunities to scam people wich can lead to verry big issues so thats why shareing and exchanging of accs is prohibited.

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