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Demonessa [Jessyca / EU-Emerald]


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Description Page:

"From the depths of the dark abysses of Arinar, these demonesses inhabit, their mission is to spread panic and fear, they dedicated themselves for many years to torturing those unfortunate souls who had a life of bad deeds and desires that fall in combat during wars ."

"Recently after serving for long years locked up tormenting the souls of the lost to their fateful end, they decided to rise to the surface using their human form and they can be distinguished because their horns and tail are visible thanks to a powerful spell cast by a priest with the help of a human wizard, both were called [ ... ] and [ ... ] were loyal faithful of Harad.

"They are quite skillful they can impersonate any living creature, and they have skills that attack from the deepest dreams of the living, they deeply hate the human Priests of the sentinels, and what they want most is to destroy the cause of good because they consider it a waste of time because with only go to the war to kill and hate the enemy is a cause of eternal damnation, they think that a world full of evil would be better than doing good in vain."


"Currently they have infinite powers, and only works for their conveniences, it is said that the damned souls are used to create a huge army to erradicate all humanity of the Earth, all types of skills are unknown, they are very good in combat, and they never stop causes problems to people who still alive. Living people are advised not to deal with these beings because they usually feed on blood and leave incurable wounds that lead to death."

And never [...] Lost data...













dark style aesthetic clothing with heavy protection
Demonessa (Name example like Vanessa)
Demon > Demoness (Girl Demon)

Black lines in head and hands are lines references for show them. are not included in costume

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