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[2022.01.25] Contest "Best Costume - 2022"


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The traditional “Best Costume 2022” competition is open! This is a great opportunity not only to show your talent, but also to leave a mark on the history of Arinar. The winners of the competition will be able to see their costumes in the game in one of the next updates! A really great way to prove yourself and get great rewards!


How to participate:

  • create a separate topic in this section of the forum. In the title of the topic, you must specify the name of the costume, nickname and server of your character;
  • attach to the specified topic an image of the costume you have drawn.

Only 1 costume is accepted per participant!


Conditions for creating a drawing:

  • necessarily in pixel style;
  • the height of the costume should be around 34-45 pixels (squares), and the width should not exceed 28;
  • in any format: on paper, in a notebook, notepad or graphic editor, for example: Paint, Photoshop, etc.;
  • there must be a front view, other angles are at your discretion;
  • the work must not violate the rules of the game and the rules of the community.

To make it easier for you to fit into the required framework, you can use the character layout from the game:



If any condition is not fully understood, you can always look at the last year's works and ask the administration @Holmes, @Nolan and @LeeLoo.


It is forbidden:

  • to use existing costumes from the game and partially modify them (finish elements, change color, etc.);
  • to use other people's work from the Internet or the work of other participants;
  • completely copy existing costumes of characters from films, games and other media;
  • For violation of any of the above points, the work will not be allowed to the competition.


Our judges will evaluate the following criteria:

  • Costume details. Although you are limited in the number of pixels and the size of your costume, modern drawing tools allow you to achieve high detail of individual parts of the costume. An additional plus will be the rendering of the costume from all angles, and not just the front view;
  • Description of the costume. Although the competition is artistic, you can supplement your work with a small description of the costume: what it consists of, what properties it has, tell a little background;
  • Possibility of implementation in the game. Although the inhabitants of Arinar can boast of their diversity, it is still worth remembering that not every image can fit into the game universe;
  • Originality of the work. In addition to quality, your work should have some uniqueness, catch the eye and evoke a “feeling of beauty”. Try not to use hackneyed images.

Awards for winners:

1st place: 25,000 Miracle Coins + adding a costume to the game in the next update and handing it to the winner  + a unique gold badge on the forum;

2nd place: 20,000 Miracle Coinsadding a costume to the game + a unique silver badge on the forum;

3rd place: 15,000 Miracle Coinsadding a costume to the gamea + unique bronze badge on the forum.


Incentive prizes are also possible at the discretion of the jury.


We accept entries from January 25 to February 8. After the deadline for applications, our jury will need time to determine the winners, so we will announce the results no later than February 11th.


We wish you all inspiration, and may your hand be steady when holding the brush!


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Are we allowed to make multiple costumes?  I know only 1 will get accepted but is it okay to make multiple ones to better the chance of one costume being accepted? 

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57 minutes ago, shaxxi said:

Are we allowed to make multiple costumes?  I know only 1 will get accepted but is it okay to make multiple ones to better the chance of one costume being accepted? 

No, you have to choose and post only one of them

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