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Matadorbr is a scammer

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LMAO!!! Matanoobr IS a scammer, I have no proof but I ain't stupid, haha that technique always fool desperate greedy bastards, don't give your account info to anyone and always remember

You only need Username to put Mcoins to an account, so if they ask for pass, they just gonna hack you...

But apparently some people too stupid to realise that and get ripped off cause of their stupidty, but atlast we have proof Matanoobr is scammer  :wacko:

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administration if can check chat logs then check at December 24 2011 around 2-3 pm usa eastern time in eu- emerald, he admited or at least said that if i gave him email and pass he would hack the mc shop and give me free mc coins, i gave him a fake email and boom he was gone, he then came back asked again and i took a screen shot, many other people agree that he is a scammer, now i have proof, a screen shot, so now ban the guy




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I talk with lot good brazilians elves about how they are too rich and with that lot miracle coins items if they cant send sms and they response matadorbr give all they want because he use credit card.                                                                          Maybe is true, and he pay for mc with credit card (Gtarbr was banned to cheat 40000MC :wacko: he could give that lot items to all friends too :wacko: ) but if he is scammer like two topics in forum say, why he is not banned? :unknw:

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