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Blazing ground is bug?


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Hello, it's me again asking for mage skills bcz is my favorite class in the game

After last skill update the mages got a good improvement in the blazing ground skill, but this implies that it is having several problems.

The first, as I have commented in previous posts, is that the damage is not accumulating

if 2 mages cast the ability at the same time, only 1 of them will do the damage and the other one just wasted his ability

Now I run into another problem and it turns out that mages' blazing ground can't affect gates and flags in territory wars on map2, making mages' damage completely zero compared to others. AoE damage that stacks and affects everyone (chieftain, paladin)

is this how it should work?

now the mage is just a character to kill enemies and nothing else?

Pls fix that :'( 





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