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"Blue or Red" quest bugged?



Hello, I wanna know how to complete this quest? It says I need blue lightbulb when the Blue Lighter don't yield any. I read the Quest Progress and it says I need golden stars, how many Gold Stars do I need? Thanks.

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The quest isn't bugged.

The quest depends of your level, in my chase is lvl 32, so the locations are different.


1) Take the quest, go talk with the illuminator



2) After talk him, go to the green zones, kill the Lighters and get the items


  • Red Lighters drops Red Lights Bulbs, and Blue Lighters Blue Lights Bulbs, need 8 pieces of each one:



3) After collect items go talk with the illuminator again


  • Now go to the green points in map.



4) Like all warspear events you need farm mobs of your level or higher. In your chase lvl 24 - 32 (Idk if exists lvl 22)
And drop this:



5) Open the Krakatuks, and you get random items, one of that is the Gold star:


  • Need 12 of Gold Star, 4 per each tree:



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Are you sure you're killing blue lighters of your own level


The quest requirements should be like this and after getting 8 of both from blue and red lighters you should get 2 items which you just put to trees 

And gold stars go to 3rd tree and you need 4 of them from krakatuks


Screenshot_20211228-150441_Warspear Online.jpg

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thank you for the answers, but the 3rd tree for me requires blue light bulb in which i already delivered those 8 at first (red and blue), in which the correct one would be golden stars.

Thanks anyways!

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