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What players find about use 1h axes in two hands?


Leave your vote here and if possible your opinion below  

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  1. 1. Leave your vote here and if possible your opinion below

    • Bladedancer should only use
    • Rogue should only use
    • Nobody should be use
    • It's perfect the way it is...

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one hand axes have been always noob weapons. none of them except lvl18 life steal one hand axe has accuracy and critical at the same time. they are hyper slow anyway, only a chicken noob would use them.

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I tried it for the hell of it dual war hatchets.big crits from stealth. But man they sooooooooo slow :facepalm: for some classes its prob worth it u can finish em with the big stealth merc strike, but vs melee high def resil u gonna get owned using axes especially stunning classes, stick to daggers just my opinion

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