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Guild tournaments


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         The weekly guild tournaments gives good reward to the top 3 guilds who made most guild points(gp). But what about other guilds who will never be able to score in top 3 positions?


The players on the top guilds are already rich and successful and yet they get all the major rewards and everything they want. But the large number of players in other guilds gets nothing every week. The difference between them just increases.


Is this game only for the players in top guilds? I returned to the game after a year, spends thousand of dollars on mcoins, got +8- +10 amped, but still got not accepted in any top guilds. I don't have sea talents or gears, and hard to get those doubloons and talent points quickly in small guild. Can't even think of Crimson corundum. Maybe need year to collect them if not in top guilds. The game not fun anymore, just more struggle.


While some players with multiple characters all in top guilds gets multiple benefit for themselves. 


Please at least change this year's old tradition of only 3 winners in weekly guild tournament. There are more players out there who want to get some benefits too. Increase the winner guilds to top 7 or 10 at least. Let more players play this game with some hope of getting some rewards. 

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