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Terrible relic of deadly infection


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A disposable relic if activated at the beginning of the combat with full hp enemy otherwise useless. 

only useful for high hp enemies without mobs to take the effect.

Now imagine main target has taken the effect - - - > in 20 sec It makes all the dmg you do worthless before the effect and during it

Or the hp is less than 85% and uselessness

And in pvp scenarios almost useless too imo

I suggest you change the affected hp from max to current and reducing the percentage from 5% to 3% for every 4s and the effect time from 20s to 16s and make the lost hp unrecoverable for the duration of the effect +4s



500k max hp target with 350k current hp at the end of hp reduction effect 350-31.5k=318.5k hp and max recoverable hp is 500-31.5k=468.5k

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