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Update 2.5.0, My thoughts

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I am mountain clan barbarian, lvl 18 on Sapphire server just for peoples information.

Rogues stealth skill did need to be changed. The skills recharge time does take a little bit to long for another use now.

The new amp system messes all PvP up because it allows players to have a huge advantage against others. Also losing weapons or equip while amplifying is not good for the player since they have spent money on tickets to get arena weapons or did a lot of CC quest to get those weapons.

All items in the miracle shop values are way to high. Especially the barber set and hair color items.

Runes and crystals allow for an unfair advantage to new players because older players still have the better old runes and crystals. R n C attributes shouldn't have been changed.

I still enjoy playing this game. I think it is one of the best games ever made. But it is very expensive to play. Aigrind needs to figure out a way to bring the cost down of prices and still maintain decent profits for their work. If its cheaper for players to play a PC game or Xbox PlayStation game they will do that instead of playing warspear. No players no cash.

I hope in the future there will be more islands and higher lvl gain, but I do not want all players running around with maxed skill stats. Unless the skill cap is changed to more than five.


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AIgrind just dont understand, that if they will lower prices alot more ppl will buy mc. Like on Steam or Android shop, theres alot of cheap shit there, and ppl buy it.

But u know Kuz get a new Bmw,from our money, rest of devs also need it, that mean just forgot about cheap WarShop.

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I really dislike the Miracle Shop.. and I actually like the Amp System, but eh, I love this game, and I'm sure they'll work all the kinks out in due time.  :good:

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