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legends speak of kind gods


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Lol same here Today : O


Oh mfg  OHHH MFG !!!!!! Is poley in real life, duck duck, aaaah so crazy, lvw for poley, loveeee, poley is the best druid ever EVER.... SHUT UP BITC"es POLEY IS HERE.... NO PVPDRUID, NO PUMMY, .... POLEY, IS POLEY POLEY FOR EVER AND EVER #PoleyForEverAndEver

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Poleys a weak and poor noob who relies on others for gold and amp.


Nuff said k?


Lol as if u are a 'Pro' ??


U kissed the floor so many times vs my ranger.


Nuff said k? :yahoo:

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i have question for u gods, that mythblade keep spamming that godsrange was his char. its looks kinda shameful how myth try to lie but still i asking do u even know him?

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xso mythblade did own godsrange but it didnt last him to long to screw it up he sold the prince bow and then idk wtf happened to the acc but he dosent have it now

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