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Just do it (#FIXforDKs)


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I just want to clarify one thing before I start: Vampirism is not good for PvP if you are melee or tank class

good actually if vampirism is good but only if you are attack speed and can stun the enemy, something the DK isn't at at all, he can only do stuns, he doesn't even have the barbaric ability to increase attack speed

It really is time to be realistic, killing a DK is the easiest thing in the world and more if you are a ranged attack character or stuner

the real problem with the DK's tanking is this skill:

In my opinion it is useless it does not make sense, I have a dk and what it costs to activate that skill, rather I almost never use it, also if I receive stuns or want to attack the enemy this skill is the one that worries me the least, then it should be more comfortable like the skill of the wardens


In addition, it is useless to activate it if you are going to face an opponent(s) or an entire guild that will be doing stuns at all times, since honestly that skill should be active with mana consumption, not active for only 8 seconds!, this character is one of the classics and I see him totally useless, besides at the same time it hurts me a bit and I also feel cheated, because he cannot tank decently in a literal sense,
he is supposed to be the Lord of death (and die for 1 dog?), he should kill many and not be killed. I in my opinion this class should be more immortal than the warden himself and more resistant than the barbarian

Also the abandoned are dead beings, the dk is the one that should make each block is a heal

but since he is a death knight he must feed on deaths (vampirism) but that in reality this works as a passive ability and not take the life of the character himself is absurd
Another point that I want to touch reserves should be removed, since very few use that ability to the maximum of how nerfed it is, in addition to putting health regeneration runes on it spends important bonuses such as parry or health increase

The true passive ability of the Death Knight should be saturation 50% 4/4 but also his real name should be Aura of Hate 😒

to finish this character should be an immortal and dangerous machine in what is the legion side to be worthy of that name. thanks...


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On 11/18/2021 at 9:22 AM, yinglun said:

I just want to say that dk is very vulnerable among his peers now.

Yes, I no longer like to use the death knight, the wings do not help to reduce the damage to 100% probability like the barbarian's scream, then there are times where mobs or bosses hit critics and take a lot of life, also that the penetration in the enemies makes it weaker. Blood Protection skill is the most useful but as I said you cannot activate it if you are under stun, so you only tank with the wings when it should be with the 2 skills

that would make it more comfortable

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Blood Protection had so much potential whenever it first came out. I tested it way back in the test server for that update and i was a bit short of being able to keep it up 100% of the time, but pretty sure my dk was only lv22 or something so youd definietly be able to do it now, too bad it was changed for the 2nd run of the test server and for release. Although i still think you could make it work these days using some specific builds but it wont be optimal thats for sure.


As for making it a energy consumption skill, i dont know about that. You'd definietly want to adjust the skill if that's so. After all Forti is "only" 25% reduction these days and dks also got Darkshield already which will be more effective if damage is reduced with Blood protection. 

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11 hours ago, Raislin said:

After all Forti is "only" 25% reduction

Forti is 30% 4/4, adding aoe agro, and stealing power for pvps, is excesive dmg reduced for a comfortable tank who only makes blocks for heal:sigh-crazy-rabbit-emoticon:

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