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Dragon, The Hydra's Brother...


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Who still remembers the Dragon? Brother of the Hydra when launched in Norland update

Anyone know someone that defeated that impossible boss?

Neither Hassn defeated



If anyone has a picture of him to pass me

even the GM I thank :blush:

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You mean that "ghost hydra" in the hidden sanctuary, right? Don't have a picture, but it looks just like hydra. I'm sure you can find a picture of it somewhere in the forum.

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only 1 boss nobody could kill it is sam hain the archer in avenger cave, the dragon that droped xmass key to the ice queen gate was very easy to kill it, many killed it



sam hain the archer had a crossbow with a 500dmg and a bless skill which made him deal so high dmg nobody can heal u fast enough before u die

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Сэм Хейн рб это первый хеллуин где джек стоил 200+ чм?Не застал его,играю с следущего хеллуина ну чуть раньше...

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