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Female Arena Costumes


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much complaint of play female in relation to:

  awards guild that never come with female customs and also the arena dealer.

to satisfy all tastes I suggest to reconsider the option of buying female trages with arena points and we can earn guild costumes female.


Is my suggestion, and thanks for listening!

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All arena outfits and guild tournament awards have been unisex. So no, keep it fair for both sexes.

Besides, guild tournament awards are soon going to change.

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As I remember it's been suggested many times, it's not a bad idea, I do agree on it.

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They ain't unisex at all, Born XD

You want fairness? Create 2 more customes for arena, but for girls :P



Not unisex?

Take at a look at the arena gear? What part of them screams out "for men only"? My original statement still stands  ;D



But if the female players really want something more.. "feminine" in arena shop.. then agree and suggest away. But forcing a gender based reward for guild tournaments, i say no.

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