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Fix Forsaken Mannequin Horror Boss 2021


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Yesterday I was try kill boss with my group pt, everything was fine at the beginning but when the boss reached 80k of health he did not die we were a group of 5 and later another group arrived and we were 10 competing for the boss, and even so we could not kill him, we spent a long time trying like 40 minutes or 1 hour and we could not kill him, later we realized that he has the passive of the warden that each block makes him heal, each block that goes below 100k of health heals 10k and worse because it has a very high percentage of block and as there were many of us, we were blocking all the time, we tried with pure damage and it was still useless.

I honestly do not understand why invented this passive, the skill is fine but it is useful in games where you have to play alone, instead in multiplayer it would be good to fix the block parameter because if 60% dodge is useless because of the accuracy parameter 25% of block it's like 80%

and not only did he block, he also made many dodges and elusions, so that compensates for him being immortal 😭



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do you mean forsaken mannequin?

"Its not unkillable but it can be very difficult with party that isnt too strong


Its much like early wardens with their block healing skill and you gotta think the boss as one


Basically it heals just from blocks so you just need to use things that cannot be blocked such as poison from necro poison shield since that is only one that i didnt see the boss block a single time and idk about bleed and aoe damage if they are blockable or only resistable


Another solution is to outdamage the occasional blocks which means those in pt who deal lower damage such as healers maybe shouldnt hit the boss so it can block those hits and heal while damagers are trying to kill it


I was involved in killing it just after i read this topic the first time and not to brag too much but i think i was the one who tried not attacking it and just supporting my pt and using poison shield :duckyduck:


Before that the boss' hp was between 60-90k for solid 5min and even longer but then when lowest damagers stopped attacking it consistently went down until it finally hit 0"

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2 hours ago, Kyrai said:

I needed make the daily and all my pt skiped 😭

better fix boss in horror 2020 boss 32 was ez kill solo with barb and necro

i guess they wanted to make it harder so people cant just solo it easily

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well try to do something cuz now is hard for healers, spiders kill them fast.poor healer on halloween dg.sometimes agro tank is useless 



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