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[2014.04.10] Rewards for Guild Tournaments № 19 and 20

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Hello there, it's Aigrind!


We want to announce the costumes that will be used as a reward for our current tournaments.


Опубликованное фотоОпубликованное фото


Devourer costume is available in three colors, from left to right for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd tournament places.


Good luck to all of you!

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Busy with what purpose.just tell us.as we part of game ,we want atleast information that what is going on development side.

1)is there busy with lev 24 update to release on 2024?

2)is busy with what items should be put discount on daily?

3)is busy with enjoying our patience?

4)is busy with playing other games how they are not getting much money than us?

5)is busy with how to create lag even in fine 3g,4g,high data rate network also?

Just give clear cut information atleast when all these will fine after one year or 10 year or 20year.

Symbian guys crying crying and hating ever this update.even u regularly seen,but did not give any info.just granted what?for playing bug game?just give info rather than some words like we will inform,plz wait etc.


nope dude.

They are busy in designing crap or style costume in once in  a month.so months passed.who will care when no life guys wasting real money ,time and life for crap costumes.they spent more than billions of gold(millions of real money in 2 weaks and continue ever if noobs spaming items for gp and arena).

so it leads to

1) no fast update(ayvondil) over years passed.


2) no care for players in bug updater/os.

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