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Best suggestion ever!


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Hello everyone,

I see that game get another update which focus on "awesome" Miracle Shop. As u (devs) can see game is slowly ruined thx to MC, and rich guys, i have best suggestion and solution for every problem.


I know that will not happen, because that move mean less money. ;)

Thank u for not reading my post,



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Yes like WoW mobile (Order& Chaos Online), but u need android and wifi connection (But really cheap and aawesome graphics :wacko: ) This shop updates are not them fault.. If they see all for sale at crazy prices is buyed, Why they go to changue game? For have less money?                                                                          If all the lot people in the last update who said 'I quit too' really do it (And dont play more than in past :bad: ) developers not gain the money expected, and im sure they listen for make us happy an could think to changue game to P2P and sell miracle coins only look items like barber set, loot more costumes, private houses..ect Now Warspear P2P is a far dream but im sure changue to P2P make game more funny and famous and lot more players come to play here.. Who knows maybe when game finished :drinks:

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You do know next update stuff not just mc use right able get in world as well.


You could try asking for gold or cc to use for ms stuff

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Lol i got a new suggestion!

Devs close servers before angry players rush into ur office, and drink every bottle of vodka u got there, and stole all brand new Bmw cars sponsored by McShop.  ;)

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