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Power of the blades skill

Andrés Fleitas Meza

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Regarding the power of the blades ability of the BD, it is a bit over the top compared to other passive abilities.



Power of the blades 4/4

Attack strength 40%


power of the blades in 4/4 increases by 40% attack strength without any requirement or energy consumption.

While the passive skills of the rogue and the DK do have requirements for activation.



the rogue to activate his passive ability needs to dodge an enemy attack.




the dark knight needs critical health to activate his passive ability.


the ability the power of the blades urgently needs a change.

A-) integrate some activation requirement for the ability the power of the blades.

B-) turn the power of the blades ability into a constant energy drain ability while active.


Thank you.



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Idk, reflex gives a dps boost and a dodge boost to a class that already has guaranteed dodges, while reserves is immortality and a 2nd life for an already tanky class. Idk if 40% auto attack for a class that has no way to catch half the classes is THAT strong in comparison. I mean, in practice it translates to doing 150-200 dmg more than rangers per hit, but without the range or blessing.


However some form of mana cost could be kind of fun. Or making it an active skill that can be removed by dispelling relics for example.

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The BD passive skill is only for basic atks, if u max it 4/4, your basic atks will always be more than dmg skills. I do agree however that it can be a huge difference in the battle. Rn just pray other BDs don't figure out they need piercing more than anything cause that's a full dmg basic atk on anyone. I think it can be lowered by 10 or 15% since max atk strength is 50% and a bd can get that easily with spring weapons

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