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Hi, this is my first post and I wanted share some ideas to buff mage just a little bit in his new skills for PvE or it would be a rebalance for some.


Dragon's Eye

This first one, the core one for mage keep his mana up, but what worry me it's his status scaling to level.

We have respectively:

Cooldown 30s

Duration 15s

3/8/13/18% accuracy & atk speed

1/3/5/7% mana recover by each hit


I'm agreed with this mana recover nerf, mage could easily hold his mana without using mana regen cause high max mana (before was 10% max mana 4/4, some mages had around 300 mana, what means 30 mana recovered by hit, so this was so OP using a set with mana with rings with mana, plus 10% faction and 9% of guild)


The thing is... I wanted a little buff at this skill in other parameters.

From that above, to this:

Cooldown 30s

Duration 20s

5/10/15/20% accuracy & atk speed


And back to reveal invisible enemies in the entire area, because it's a *DRAGON* eye magic. I don't felt too much difficult using this ability with 3 secs delay to reveal, but the skill it's so much nerfed at its range effect. Most mages I know, no even upgrade this skill anymore, building other set of equipment to get around this nerf.


The current range and delay, give rogue/seeker classes almost 90% chance to explode mages, I know this happened cause balanced with Ethereal Barrier revamped, but even so, mages without this other new skill suffer a lot. And PvP mages, replace Barrier 4/4 by Ennoblement 4/4, what means Dragon's Eye would help better with this green anti-debuff skill. 


That's all about my ideas to Dragon's Eye.


Etheral Barrier

I seen this skill at lv1 it's really harsh to active mainly by low level players, so, my idea to balance it better, it's making it go from this:

> Activate: 25/20/15/10% max hp lost in 2 secs

> Duration 0,3 secs

> Activating each 4 secs


To something like this:

> 20/15/10/5% max hp lost in 2 secs

> Duration 0,3 secs (I liked it so)

> Activating each 10 secs, reduced by recharge stat


This would still help mage to not get bursted in first strike, and yet could be useful being lv1 to low level players. The recharge stat could effect activation cooldown, making 10secs going to almost 6secs, very close to original staying balanced to its buff on requisite to activate.


Nothing more to talk about this barrier, I just wanted more utility on it being lv1, helping both low-level mages and high-level pvp mages. I think could nerf duration from 0,3 to 0,2 at level 4, making it more balanced to high level PvE mages. High Level means higher status, with 80% recharge, I don't doubt activation can reach from 10 to 4 secs lol

(I don't know right how this stat work, because all I know it's get hard to apply after 40% recharge, maybe some soft caps on it? XD)



I never used this skill, but many and many players I already seen talking about this skill it's so useless since it's a single target DOT damage skill. So, I have many ideas to buff this skill to a point what make it very useful, and I have two ways to make it really better.


Single-target Revamp

Instead of 5 skills to activate this passive skill, could be "damage threshold", higher level means higher damage to activate since higher level means higher status as well.

From: Each 5 skills to activate

To: Every 500/1000/2000/4000 damage dealt to activate


Now, it's core idea to deal a DOT damage, the skill gonna make the target lost HP per second increasing each time the threshold is reached. So, I don't know how much damage the current skill dealt in each level but my idea is:


Every 500/1000/2000/4000 damage threshold, the skill gonna deal 5%/10%/15%/20% from base magic damage to target each second during 10 seconds. Just like Poison/Bleed/Burn/etc debuffs, but this one it's Overload new skill, NEW SKILL, not any simple debuff, so this have to be stronger. 


Since this DOT damage it's like DPS debuff damage, critical hit wouldn't have effect in *this* Overload. Only brute damage gonna increase DOT damage, without stacking it's effect. 


Cooldown for this Overload could be 10 secs affected by recharge, or scaling with its level like 10/12/14/16 secs. This means control of DPS for high level mages, and more utility to low level mages, giving them more variability on their build. Since high level mages can easily deal 4k damage in less than 2secs, it's high cooldown time it's a must to control their DPS to not be OP.


Area of Effect Revamp

This one is my favorite idea, since mage it's a AoE Damage class I love this style of Dealer-type class. (Dmg class)


My idea for this one is very delicated, cause mage already have its two basic skills being AoE Instant Damage and its new skills AoE Periodic Damage (Fire Aura and Burning Ground, e.g), and our sweet Blinding Fire being AoE Instant Damage as well.


But, those skills are different... Like Aoe Basic Skills, one we deal instant damage on a selected area, other deal instant damage around mage. In the new skills, Fire Aura it's periodic damage around mage with chance to dodge and crit, Burning Ground we deal periodic damage on a selected area, and Blinding Fire we deal instant damage in the first target and all other targets around it.


So, well, what AoE Overload could do?

Simply, doubling the threshold needed to activate, we can deal AOE DOTs with the next skill (working on single target if use Fireball/Ice Arrow/Blinding Fire on a solo target) after activate "Overcharge State" reaching a X damage threshold. Just like it:


Cooldown: 10 secs (could be affected by recharge? I love how much this stat could affect some cooldown of some skills)

Duration: 5 secs (like Burning Ground?)

Threshold: 1k/2k/4k/8k in 4 secs

Overcharge Effect: Deals 4/6/8/10% from base magic damage as periodic damage to targets hit by next skill during 5 secs.


This one can crit since only level 1 have almost same %dmg per sec than above one, the next levels don't scale so much, that's why it could crit. This have half duration, and double of it as cooldown, more reasons for crit chance compensate this duration and cooldown.


I think it's everything I thought about Overload, how it could be, making the mage be more ownself with this underrated new skill. Those two ways are two different ideas to make Overload a better new skill, a more interesting pick to make your mage more stronger and versatile. 


That's all about Overload.



About other news skills, I liked them as they are, I would suggest a better duration for Ennoblement since its 3/4/5/6 secs suck a bit in front of Blade Dancer, Barbarian and maybe Chief(?), anti-debuff skills, from that low sends for something like 4/6/8/10 secs. Making it more useful against classes what deal "CC Chain" or against classes who make combat a little longer than expected with healing power.


This 60% plus duration would help very better, and make mage have more chances against a lot classes that make combat very longer or very hard to use skills (since mage only have damage dealt with skills).


I know there is Resist stats to improve the current Ennoblement skill Effect, but I suggest this buff to make more diversity on pvp mage sets. Giving him variability on build as well, since stats like penetration, "speed" and recharge are reliable at combat, in addition to accuracy, of course. 


And that's all I have for, currently, in mind to buff mage in some aspects to make it better, staying in the same line as other classes.


Remember that there is some classes what abuse high Dodge stat and take out your entire Accuracy, like Rogue (that's not a hate case, because this class is the most abuser of those two stats lol), that's why I recommended that little buff in Dragon's Eye, it's almost much useless against accuracy elusive eaters XD

Even so, that buff would help mage to deal a little better against this enemy-type in combat. 


Now, I'm going out.

Gimme some opinion about all those ideas, I would like to know about what other could think from them. ♡


We see later! :D

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Some corrections in my grammar
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100% agree on dragon eye.


I don't really like your idea on barrier though, low lvl players just shouldn't be wasting their gold on it if they were planning to leave it lvl1 anyway and the cooldown change would just hurt everyone...


Your overload idea is a bit too wordy and I'd prefer making the skill a bit more unique if they were to change it again.


My suggestion to make it more unique would be that, when you have the positive "Overload" buff (from casting 5 spells), each of your 5 basic skills would get a special interaction.

Fireball would do 30/35/40/50% of the skills damage in an AoE (1 yard around target)

Warp would cut its own cooldown by 60/70/80/90%.

Stone shatter would get its range increased by 1. (3 to all cardinal directions, diamond shape)

Chains would block skills for 50/60/70/80% of its duration.

Sun Armor would create a Fire Shield like the one used by the Flaming Lion minion.


Players could then choose whether they want to use the Overload buff to apply the DoT on the target or if they'd rather have one of these effects.


You underestimate the usefulness of every second of Ennoblement, 10 seconds would be ridiculous, let me remind you that you can realistically get it to 15 second cooldown and the Magic Extension effect exists, which could boost its duration by 80%(!!!).

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