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BD vs RANGE Classes


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Every class has strength and weakness, ranged lock classes are a BDs nightmate  :wacko:


What i found helpful is blindside them while they're on cooldown:


First of all - forget parry - its useless against them. if you have dodge runes put THAT on your swords. Shaman blind increases dodge and with enough dodge you can use their own blind to your advantage.

Second - if its not in duel - hang around mobs - Warlock and shaman's spells are AOE and it will attract mobs to them if they hit them while targeting you, - this can make a big difference.


As to the fight itself.. If you are level 20 - the new skill gives you a fighting chance against them that you didn't have before.

Whatever they throw at you, keep coming to them with Hamstring first. - it has 2 range and with their high movement fighting style they can't avoid it for too long.


Once hamstringed Sap and strike them. Then rush and hope for a stun. If stun works it my be enough to kill them.



Also when they blind a lot, don't be ashamed to run away a bit, throw them out of balance then when they come after you sharply turn around and attack, this often makes them miss their next lock spell making them waste it and become vurnerable.

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