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Which is the best skill in this ranger skill stats?

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which of this skill build is the best? (3 option only)


I have a plan to make my ranger best in attack but not reduce my evadeness from an enemy.


1. Scatter 3/5, fire arrow 3/3

2. blessing 3/5, fire arrow 3/3

3. powerfull shot 3/5 , fire arrow 3/3.


Please choose the number and give me opinion about that

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IMO id go by 3), 3 power shot and 3 fire shot.



That's my plan too, 5 bless scatter 3 powershot 3 fire shot. Scatter saves a lot, trap is, well, i haven't seen big potential myself, so yeah.

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Power shot's cooldown is 8 sec, while fire arrow is 16 sec. 8 sec difference is alot.  Maximizing the one with shorter cooldown is better

Ranger blessing, enables double attack, therefore double damage, more chance the better.


Power shot and blessing. In my opinion, never trade off this main two skills for others.




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