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Dmg Over Time Warlock build


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Hi guys i was thinking about changes in warlock. Old build don't working so i was thinking about new dot lock. (demage over time warlock)



Let me explain:



Now warlock have 2 dots life exhaust and bloody tribute, stunns get nerfed by 20% so now warlock havent chance 1v1 with arrow and stunns...

So what u thnik about build like this:



1 arrow

5 life

5 circle

3 fear

3 bloody



EQ: sd staff, arena set with def runes, rings with pene and max crit crystal where u can.

With this eq u will have 23% crit , 13% resi and somethink like 2.7k def and 3k hp.


How it will work? life + bloody will dot target we can shooting on cricle with arrow and normal att. fear will be only to get a chance for run from meele hits and get time to dot him.



What u think guys? :drinks:




I'm after tests :) dmg with dot its dmg 2x 160+(per sec) normal attack 370 arrow 480+ with +8 sd staff :) its pretty cool for 1v1



23% crit makes realy high chance to get awsome dps cuz u use 4-5 attacs on one target.



Thx  :give_rose:





PS. If read this any admin think about make lock dot stronger its good way to repair warlock :)









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He told he has 370 norm dmg. So he must have SD +8/9. If it isn't high amp then idk what it is..



About build: sounds cool. I'll try this if I come back to WS.

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yeah i was think about it too becouse blood, target can debuff hisself if only use any skill. But all this dot time duration is too short :/ admins should boost time duration life exahust and remove option to debuff blood :/

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