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I haven't received my daily gift chets for days


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daily rewards changed last update


New Daily Rewards System

What could be nicer than receiving gifts? That's right - receiving more gifts, especially for just entering the game! We have completely redesigned the daily rewards system, and now the rewards will become more valuable every day!


The Miracle Shop has a new section called “Daily Rewards”. In it, you can see the daily rewards that you will receive for entering the game. These helpful items will help you in your daily activities.


If you missed the day and were unable to pick up the reward, then nothing terrible will happen - the progress of the “Daily Rewards” section is not reset. You can pick up the next reward on any day. The ability to take a reward from the calendar will be updated every day at 22:00 GMT.


It is worth mentioning that now two calendars will be available to players: first, the starting one will open, and upon its completion, the base one.


The starting calendar includes 7 daily rewards, and is intended for those who are just starting their journey in Arinar. Inside you can find items that will be incredibly useful in the first stages of the game: an additional pocket, experience elixirs, a minion, Knowledge, etc. After you collect all 7 awards, you will continue to receive daily bonuses for entering the game, but from the Basic Calendar.


The basic calendar is designed for 20 daily rewards for seasoned warriors and travelers. In the list of awards, you can see equally useful Knowledge, reputation and popular consumables from the Miracle Shop scrolls of life, scrolls of teleportation, scrolls of repair, and more. A distinctive feature of the calendar will be its cyclical nature: after you take all the awards, the progress will be reset, and you can receive the awards again, in the same order.


Keep in mind that in both calendars, you can get an incredible potion of a completely new type - the Potion of the Growing Hero. Its meaning is simple - when you use it, you will immediately receive a certain amount of experience points. A great way to quickly reach the cherished level and try out more game content! But if your character has already reached the maximum level, then instead of this potion you will receive a reputation with the Tritons of the Depths as a reward."

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