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Relic of the Village - buff rewards


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The title is really self-explanatory.

The Relic daily quest is in my opinion the coolest daily quest in game.

In the times it was released the reward was fitting since the best weapons cost 500 CC at the time.

Nowadays the inflation of CC is so high, the quest is not worth doing at all for 5 CC which is sad because its really cool quest which doesnt deserve to be abandoned.

I suggest the CC reward should be increased to an amount worthwhile coming to this remote location, I say maybe 50 CC?



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They should increase the daily quest rewards at Kamp Riff/Camp of Legion as well.

There are several, and I doubt people actually do them now. Not to mention there are quests people didn't even do few years ago like: Blood of Puma clan/Dinalt Knights.

It still is the stupidest quest in my opinion. So much effort for a silly 5crimson. So yeah, increase cc there as well.

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