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MC Dinalt & Clan


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Anyone know of any English clans on MC side that are decently run? I may even start my own if necessary. I’m really tired of liars, little disrespectful children and the general poor behaviour that seems to be rampant in this game.

Here are some of the attributes I’m looking for in a clan:


1)    Have some class

2)    Proper grammar and writing capabilities

3)    Respect other players (even elf). Doesn't mean you can't kill them, but just don't overdue acting like an ass.


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If you are willing to solo a few bosses I got a little technique.


All you need is an elf and an mc char. Use one as a spy, park it right at the tightest point to get through


Check the spy and make sure all the crossings seem clear.


When clear, go on main and move to that location


Now switch between the chars every few minutes to make sure you arent spotted


Finally, park the main close to the boss location, check spy, if clear, then attempt to kill the boss


Youll need a good amount of pots if you arent hitting real hard


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Yup when kjlimo is online and he spots you then you can basically give up.

He will search every location untill he found and killed you.

Oh and btw, try to pass stairs using the arena godmode tactic.

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What is the arena god mode tactic? I'm not afraid of stairs now that I made a spy :)


Its when you 'warp after' arena, you will be invincible for a certain period of time.
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If pro means waiting around for days begging MC to come help, then count me out.


I'm much happier being "newb" and getting Dinalt done, so that I can do tower on normal. I did tower twice so far and I got Hauberk of Heroic Endurance and Violent Storm Shoes, so you tell me, was it worth giving away 10 spheres of damage enhancement?

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