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A bug with charmers "call"


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There appears to be a bug with charmers "call" skill, which for some reason causes it to ignore resilience and lower pvp crit damage completely. In the clip above, you can see this in action. A dog spawned by this skill, hitting me 1k, suddenly starting to crit 2k+, despite having 50% resilience and pvp crit multiplier being lowered by default.1299042887_Screenshot_20210824-060243_WarspearOnline.jpg.538d96bd902b5693f3ad35050a7efbce.jpg

I understand resilience is supposed to work on damage from other players, not npcs, but since charmers spawns damage is based on the users damage, surely this should apply to them also? As it is right now this skill completely ignores resilience, and the lower pvp crit multiplier existing.


This causes multiple issues, since ignoring the main pvp stat the whole games arena system is based around, is kind of a big deal.


For example, combined with this relic, you can spawn multiples of these resilience ignoring spawns.


Is this an oversight? Since their damage is based on the players personal damage, surely pvp crit restrictions should apply. And surely they shouldn't completely ignore resilience, the main defensive pvp stat of the game.


The issues abusing this, what im assuming is a bug causes, are insane. One charmer can spawn 5-6 of these mobs, that do aoe dmg(which also ignores resilience and pvp crit multiplier), being able to practically one shot any player, and anyone near them, even with maxed out award sets, by simply clicking one button. 


Just to emphasize, this literally allows one charmer, to spawn the equivalent of a +10 pvp rogue that can crit, every 4 seconds or so. They can output more dmg just by spawning these with rage on, than a full party of +10 damage classes could ever dream of doing, in pvp. It is quite literally a game breaking bug. And thats from 1 person abusing it. You can probably imagine the effect this would have, if you had multiple people abusing it in the same place.

It's not even an exaggeration, here is a comparison to a +10 bds damage. (This is also with lower resi since gears stay lower level) +10 bd with full guild buffs and books does 1500, while a single dog that can be spammed infinitely every 4 seconds does 2k.



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