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[2014.03.14] Guild tournament #16. Results!


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Better late than never!


It’s time to check out winners of latest guild tournament - #16!


US-Sapphire guilds decided to set some records - SATPOLPP almost made 900k points, followers from Pernicious and ElixirPh finished with 700k and 600k points respectively!

Nuclear from RU-Topaz won the first place as they did many times again, that’s the spirit! On EU-Emerald AoA took 1st place and AoAl - 3rd. Seems like it’s double! Fun fact, 2 guild from same names were also detected on different servers. Legends took 2nd place on Emerald and LEGENDS made it to the 1st place on Pearl.

AAAAAAAAAA from RU-Amber decided to show their power and finished with almost 900k points! Ruby’s winners: Tampliers, Imperija and Sky.



1. SATPOLPP 878311

2. Pernicious 709541

3. ElixirPh 600584



1. AoA 534650

2. Legends 502711

3. AoAl 479369



1. LEGENDS 280240

2. FANTASY 222205

3. Diablo 127276



1. AAAAAAAAAA 870082

2. Bersguild 681168

3. WeOutLaw 625314



1. Tampliers 454676

2. Imperija 365239

3. Sky 314243



1. Nuclear 567808

2. Macmepa 495750

3. TwiX 344869



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I am really proud of all my guild brothers and sisters in Legends! :give_rose: on EU Emerald who worked and fought real hard. A big cheers to you all! :drinks:


AoA won first place as usualy, but congratulations to you and your new Firstborn/Choosen faction guild AoAl who surprisingly passed Dominators.


I am a bit surprised to see another guild with same name "LEGENDS" on SA-Pearl but congratulations to you to.

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congrat to all guilds... @snorlax- hey! When are u going to fix the version with symbian....?? Its so boring game without the new skills (shaman) i can hardly match up the players of elf... Please do something.. Don't make us wait along... :'(

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