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Blazing Ground

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So what do you pro mages think about this new skill so far?

What's your skill set up now that you had to move points?

Does it radiate around the mage or is it placed by the mage?  :unknw:



I'm itching to hear what you guys have to say about it, as others are I'm sure

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Warlocks plash in new animation and a small add-on


When you fireball someone that stands in Blazing Grounds, theres a small chance to cause Fear status.


My skill build is 5 fireball warp, 3 chains 3 blazing grounds,  totally worth for me

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At least on my side, I moved one skill point from my Blazing Ground to my Ethereal Barrier because it doeser really increases the chances of inflicting Fear on the victim. Ethereal Barrier activates a lot quicker with more skill points tho.

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