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[2014.03.12] Warspear Online 3.12 released!

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We want kuzmitch back!!!! At least he always give us reply whenever we needed help. I was reading old posts and found tht kuzmitch was too active. He was keen too help. We are posting and posting about release date of update in apple and Symbian. At least tell us the update date and we will not post again just tell us release date. Ty.      Sorry for my bad english

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Aloha to all and will want to know why there is even actualisacion for symbian OS as it might give some OS and not others? Actualisacion not make a game but have all OSRules because they know very well that there are a lot of players with these SO you have not actualisado entonses ah once again disappointed me is not a game that takes 1 month to be inLine and take about 5 or 6 years on the market and this incompetence only achieves many more players left in the game but that an earlier gone by incompetence. Aloha atte ellatino :facepalm: :unknw: :clapping:

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:snorlax: when post the version for symbian?, please give us a date or something else, i want use the new skill but i can't...  :facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm:


If you release an update, please make it for all, without leaving others with nothing...


Thank You!  ;)


Att: All users who can't play the new version... :)

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I already reset my skills and used 10 skill points. But still it says "Couldn't add expert skill"



Help anyone??  :blush:


use 13 skill points  to skill base and the rest in expert
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