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[2014.03.12] Warspear Online 3.12 released!


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Dear players!


AIGRIND company releases an update of the best mobile MMORPG “Warspear Online: Clash of Guilds” 3.12 for Android, Symbian, iOS, Windows Mobile, Windows Phone 8, Windows and Linux. The universe will raise the veil of mystery and give all residents of Arinar precious gift - unheard knowledge of martial arts. Everyone will be able to learn new skills in mysterious mentors. Forward to new knowledge!


To learn more about this update you could check announcement thread


You can download latest version from our site.


To celebrate new updates and new beginnings we would like to make gift for you!

All players higher than level 5 will receive gift!



List of fixes:

New skills for heroes!

Added 12 brand new expert skills for every class

Added new shop with skill manuals and traders in Irselnort.

Mage's skill "Fireball" adjusted accrding new expert skills

Fixed endless monsters' movement




Feel free to post here reports and suggestions in this thread.






*New client for iOS, Windows Phone and Ubuntu will be available after approving on respective app stores.




Cause of unstable work has been found. We are working on the problem at the moment

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Hmm, I bought "manual", reseted skills but still can't use manual and still have snow skills as expert skills  :bad:



"No vacant expert skills slots"

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