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How to properly spam Mermen DG


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  • vavavi changed the title to How to properly spam Mermen DG
2 hours ago, TheCaster said:

I love the edits. Also wow! Under 5 mins. :khekhe:Mermen gear must drop more than common cata for you guys. xD

Only ever got 2 drops in the 50 or so spams i've done there since release

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22 hours ago, Som said:

Make seeker vava


I mostly focus on pvp side of the game, bd works for both. Just been spamming past couple weeks for weekly tournies.

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6 hours ago, Drakoknight said:

What class can even counter a bd? 

Bds aren't really best at anything. Cant rival seekers or rangers in damage, or compete with palas/wardens in tanking. I just have a good party carrying me, a potato.

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