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Happy Birthday to our friend "lisaluv " & to our awesome & great game "Warspear Online".

Thank you Angelo :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :give_rose: ;D


You can name me "X" :) .
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Hello guys!


Let's say happy birthday to our friend "UK", wish you a happy day! and sorry for the late comment :) forgive me!

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Cheers ^-^


Happy belated bday.i couldnt open my lappy cuz of exams =.=  ..well its better to wish rather than ignorin it.Hope you'd a great bash :)
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Happy belated bday all. Have a wonderful year! :)


and i want to correct my bday, it is 06/11. hope you don't mind to change it. thanks :)

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Milleina, I won't mind, but please follow the rules:

  • Please don't joke in saying your birthday, if you don't want anyone to know just don't post.


Now I need an official answer from you, Is your birthday in Nov or Sep ?

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