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Suggestion of significant changes - Skills


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As an introduction, let me start by saying that a lot of new skills have appeared in the game over the years, currently we already have 14 of them per class, 5 basic and 9 expert.

There is a lot of activity in the game, ranging from pve to pvp and gvg. I think that you could easily add (and this topic has already been discussed) the second set of skills, the other side, Taking into account how many activities there are, what the new classes look like (they are universal, they can be built for physical damage and magic, e.g. charmer, chieftain, tempelar, it doesn't sound like a nice option but as a necessity, the set could be changed, of course, outside of combat, no one can afford to change skills (399 mcoin or 18k) 2 times a day depending on the activity, the reset system would not change, the book of oblivion would continue to be used for this, the book could possibly be more expensive, e.g. 999 mocoin, because it would be used less often, and would only reset the selected set, a second book would be needed to reset the second, One side was enough when these skills were fewer, and there were fewer possibilities, it binds the hands of the player and in a way forces them to monotony. I think that adding this (also the second set for a quick equipment change, this topic is also on the forum) would be good for everyone. 

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