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suggestion to switch to bone totem


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in theory the dead soldier is an interesting skill, but in practice it doesn't work so well.

the dependence on bodies to summon the pets, the lack of control over the summoned pets and the lack of status inherited from the necromancer by the pet make this an extremely niche skill, being really relevant in a few cases.

I believe that a change that provides more control over the pets, and how to summon these pets, would be very relevant for the skill.


my suggestion for change is simple.


change the effect of the ability, instead of placing a totem that summons skeletons, the ability would now summon a skeleton archer, which attacks at long range, and the ability would be improved if there was a skeleton next to the necromancer




 NEW EFFECT: summons a skeleton archer in the selected area, the skeleton attacks nearby enemies dealing magic damage. if it has a body within 10 feet of the necromancer it will summon an additional skeleton that is half the strength of the first one.

the summoned pet inherits the necromancer's stats, just like other pets already in the game.

the second skeleton attacks melee

the pets summoned by the necromancer will attack the target of his ''Deathly Eye'' ability


an example for the archer skeleton


and the second skeleton could be this one, already used in the skill

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Another interesting idea would be:

  • Summon just 1 skeleton that increases its stats (maybe just damage and HP) according to the number of corpses around it or around the Necromancer at the time they summoned the skeleton


I wonder why the skill is called "Dead Soldier" instead of "Dead Army" since it summons more than 1 skeleton (and it is the only skill in the game that summons more than 1 minion)

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