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[2021.06.08] The "Monsters' Notes" story contest. Results

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Your wonderful stories delighted all of us once again, it is always difficult to choose the winners among all good works, but we're ready to present you the decision of our jury. So we remind you that both technical aspects - available below, and votes were taken, in order to choose the best stories. Let's congratulate the Winners of the “Monsters' Notes” - Story Contest 2020!


The following criteria was taken into consideration:

- Chosen topic
- The use of literary techniques, how fully the emotions are conveyed
- Uniqueness and catchiness
- The structure of the story: beginning / background, opening, climax and conclusion


1st place, glorious Coupon for 10.000 Miracle coins with a 60% discount on any goods in the Miracle Shop + 50 Seeker’s Stamina Elixir: “Kronus’s Downfall” by Stillron 


2nd place, precious Coupon for 8.000 Miracle coins with a 60% discount on any goods in the Miracle Shop + 40 Seeker’s Stamina Elixir: “A god's birth” by Higgings 


3rd place, a fantastic Coupon for 6.000 Miracle coins with a 60% discount on any goods in the Miracle Shop + 30 Seeker’s Stamina Elixir: “Orcinus, the ancient monster!” by Ahmedic 


 Creativity Prize of 3000 Miracle coins to “There is some green shimmering in a humid pit...” by Phosphatase!


In addition to the chosen above, we had several exceptional works with dazzling stories about our game world!


For the perfect compliance with the conditions of the contest, we also decided to distribute Incentive Prizes of “15 Surprise Chests” to all the participants of the contest containing the most unique souvenirs!


We invite you to personally familiarize yourself with them here in order to read all details of these creative tales, and certainly you will have a fun time!


P.S.- Prizes will be deposited during the week, thank you for understanding.


And we thank you all for joining this competition, and for all your . Don't be upset if you didn't win this time, because a new contests will be available to our great community soon!


Good luck and success to everyone! 


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