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[2014.02.19] Technical maintenance of game realms

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Last Changes are good. This game is not to have 80% casters because they are OP.

All casters are for Support ( DMG&Heal ) Not for being god in this game.

Those who complain about it are those who runned before in arena and called it Tactic. ( now you have just to run a bit longer )

Anyway, its a bit easier for meeles in Arena now.

And the nerved heal doesnt really matter. We have necros and priests to compensate that.

There where times we didnt have instant heals and we made the hard throught laby and killed eyes )

The good thing is, since Update there are soo many Meeles involved in hunting  :good: 




:friends: :clapping:
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:crazy: where priest get penetration

ring?  :unknw: better full mana regen or death


Have you heard of something called... "Alternative forgone"?? I think it would best work in situation like this. Try enchanting ur belt with penetration crystal, and leave the rest for mana regen (my mana regen is 32 and i rarely use mana potion, anywhere, im just lv16 #YOLO) Idk about you, im just saying :unknw:
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Dude locks and mages r made for war and 5*5 arena. thy suck at pvp. even if u hav +10 still u suck against healers in pvp.  I killed many +10 locks when i had +7 weapon. after update devs gave us chance to increase our magic deff and thy increased casters heal also. but thy didnt gave anything for mages and locks. now both of these classes making less dmg at arena.



Before update i was beating any +10 shaman/druid with my +8 mage, now i cant beat even +5 shaman if he is full magic def, bcs he still will heal more then i hit him.

Priests cant be beated 1v1 ever never.  :snorlax:

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Pffffttt... 'Warlocks' :spiteful:

But seriously 6k magic def, WHO IS EARTH IS THAT?? :shok:



On Ru server there is ranger with 6.5k magic def

And on Us server there is druid with 6.2k magic def

So +10 casters hit them around 180, so casters dont have a chance.

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I was wondering if there was going to also be an adjustment to the NEW level 19 weapons. The Rondel of endless war (has) Life steal. The Gladius does not......was this in error?


Also were these weapons meant to have NO apparent Bonuses or will they be added.

Thanks so much for your assistance.



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