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Looking for advice on mana burn


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Can anyone tell me Pros and Cons about 5lvl Word Power ? Also, how much % does it drain?







In addition, which skills would you suggest me to level besides 5lvl Word Power?











Hapilly will give +1 for useful advice.

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5 drain 5 shield 5 heal



"But low damage i can't kill shit"




pros, you tank a lot and no one can last 5-6 seconds on a 60%-80% mana loss per one skill drain

cons, "but low damage i can't kill shit"



Don't do 5 drain unless you really have trauma losing every PvP.



If i was you and wanted to pvp i'd do 5 tears 5 shield 5 heal. But i can amp high, i don't know about you, pick the skills that suit your style.

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well,lvl5 is too much and i won't recommend it,lvl3 is good for casual players but if u r into pvping much,i would recommend 4word 5heal 4shield and 3 armistic,this one is good for pvping one target since u can almost cycle word and armistic on enemy,if i recall right, lvl5 word would remine for 5 or more seconds,consuming the amount egoist stated,50-60% that is

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So most of you don't reccomend 5drain. I'm asking what's good beside it.



I already have a Necro for 20 lvl PvP ,  I'd like my priest to be different in PvP.

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Im currently using an experimemtal build for pvp, most likely will switch it soon for pve.

there is almost no way to go wrong tho, pretty much any skill stetup is nice for priest. Just depends on your focus and role.

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