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Priest's large-scaled guide


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Holla mates

I will try to cover up everything from basic facts to a fully detailed combat guide along with afew tricks and hidden potentials of priest's skills.




This guide will consist of the following:

1) Basic introduction


2) A mini information around the skills


3) A level based skills and equipments guide


4) An end game skill builds and equipment set ups for level20 priests


5) Fully detailed combat guide with tips against every class.


6) Hidden tricks and capabilities of priests for various quests and situations






1) Basic introduction


Once you make an account and create a new character,you will find the choice of priest class after the faction choosing screen (priests are withen the "chosens" faction).

A priest has:

1) High supporting side.


2) Offers wide combinations of skill builds,equipments set ups and styles of fighting,you will never see two priests exactly the same.


3) A unique offensive side,with a priest as a comrade,you can never consider defeat till health points reaching zero.


4) Moderated defence,which can achieve its true potential in team fights.


The priest class is best suited for technician type players,against other players,a slice of second can let the priest turn any situation upside down with calculated acts and accurate-timed skills(with word power,active heal,and AoE Harad tears),finishing quests might take slightly more time compared to other classes but you will never be in the risk of death(with 2 supporting/healing skills and 1 defensive skill),not to skip the fact that a priest is always in-demand for hunting bosses(being the only class with active-by-second support skills without sacraficing health points),and being a priest,you will literally defeat enemies by a rain of tears above them ♀






2) Skills' descriptions


₪1₪ Harad's tear


This is the only damage dealing skill between priest's skills,doesn't sound good right? Now here is the catch,it is capable of dealing damage that surpasses your own max HP sometimes!

Thanks to its spacial characteristic,unlike other classes' basic damage dealing skill,it has a chance percentage to deal an extra hit with its same damage on any enemy that has focus on you or your party comrades

other than the enemy that you casted harad's tear on in first place,and the number of tear multiples is unlimited for each harad's tear.


Raising this skill's level with skill points will not only increase its damage,it will also increase its chance of dealing tear multiples.

Harad's tear damage depends on your magic power amount and its level,tear multiple's chance of hitting on an enemy is seperated from its chance of hitting on another enemy(means all enemies have equal chance of receiving a tear multiple)

also,every tear multiple has a chance of getting critical and doing double damage!

Raising it is extremely useful for doing quests,doing arena and any combat where you face more than 1 enemy(such as labytinth,dungeons and so on).

A level 3 Harad's tear is recommeded for a fair chance of hitting tear multiples

How ever,with level 5 you will rarely cast harad tear without one or two tear multiples hitting,therefore lvl5 is recommended for fans of high damage,team fights and pinkish rain ♀




₪2₪ Word Power


This skill is one of a kind,there is no other skill in Warspear that absorbs enemy's energy.

What this skill does is casting a curse buff on your enemy for a duration of time,if your enemy casts any skill during this duration,he wil loss an amount of his energy.

Even if his energy was less than that armount,his energy will become minus,means the enemy will need to regenerate his energy from minus to zero,then regenerate the required energy to cast a skill.

Raising the skill's level will increase the duration and the amount of energy that your enemy losses.

How ever,if the duration of the curse ends without any skill casted by the enemy,he won't loss any energy,therefore word power's effect depends on the priest and his timing.

Word power is useful for arena and any other Player vs Players combat.

Level3 is the common choice for most players,level 2 of this skill is recommend for ones who mainly focus on hunting and doing quests and rarely goes into combat against other players,level1 if you NEVER use your priest against other players for combat.




₪3₪ Armistic


What this skill does is casting a barrier on the enemy for a duration of time,this barrier have 3 effects for this durations:

1-The enemy will not be able to attack the priest,he will also be unable to cast any skill on the priest,any AoE skills casted by the enemy on the priest's position will have no effect on the priest too.

2- Any damage the enemy receives will increase by a percentage,the percentage increases with armistic skill's level

3-You,the priest,will not be able to attack the enemy who is under armistic's effect,you will also be unable to cast any skill on that enemy


All the 3 effects above will remine on the enemy during armistic's duration,and the 3 of them will fade when the duration ends.

Armistic is strongly recommended to be raised to level3 as its duration in level3 is enough for casting holy shield,healing touch and harad's tear,how ever,for ones who mainly built their priests for arena it will be useful to have a level 4-5 armistic,never leave armistic at level2 if you were mainly making it for hunting,no actual difference between 1 and 2,just leave it at 1




₪4₪ Holy Shield


What this skill does is casting a shield on the target(You or your comrades) which will remine for a duration,during it no damage will reach the shieled player.

Shield will ends if it receives a specific amount of damage or if its duration ends

Leveling this skill will increase the specific amount of damage and shield's duration(level 4 shield's duration is around the cool down of the holy shield skill)

The specific amount of damage is based on your magic power in addition to the skill's level

Level3 of it would be quite good for many situations,a higher level then that might cause troubles when you 1vs1 red bosses or end up in a long combat because it takes a high amount of energy to cast it.

how ever,if you are into hunting much,then level it 4-5

Keeping it level one is usually the way to go you if you only use your priest for arena and large scale combat against other players.




₪5₪ Healing touch


This skill is the main supporting skill for priests,when you cast it on a target(you or your comrades),the target will be granted an amount of health points at once,that is why is it called active heal,also,the heal has a chance to be critical! Means it will heal double its normal amounts,the chance for that is based on the priest's critical hit percentage.

How ever,if the amount of heal was more than the difference between the target's current HP and the target's max HP,the extra amount of heal will be wasted,so it is wise to heal comrades who need heal most not the ones with almost full HP.

The amount of heal is based on the priest's magic power and the skill's level,in other words,for a higher heal you will need higher magic power and to raise healing touch'es skill level.

Also,since the chosens faction which priests belong to has paladins as well,who are known for their light aura which increase heal's effect of paladin's party comrades by a percentage,a priest can achieve way higher healing amount if he was in party with the right paladin.

Leveling healing touch level5 is a most for almost everything from hunting and doing quests to arena and combat against other players.





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3) Skills and equipment set ups for each level







From level1 to level8


You will be using priest's novice set bought from Miracle shop,as for skills it is recommended to raise healing touch to level5.




From level9 to level11


You will be using level9 purple items bought from the shop in altgard,you will be buying items with magic power withen it


As for skills,you will raise holy shield's level to level3 ,how ever,if you weren't going for a skill build that requires shield to be leveled,then you should level harad's tear's level to level3 in order to help you finish quests faster.




From level12 to level14


At this point,you will most likely use blue level12 items bought from NPC shops,market,or other players, or purple level13 items earned from hunting red bosses in Alsernort, doing norlant's first area quests(norlant quests become available once you reach level14) or they can be bought from market and other players,feel free to enchant your items at this points because you will be using them for a while and you will never waste anything since they are tradable and you will easily resell them to other players directly or through market once you finish with using them.


About skills,now you will start raising the skills that benefit you most and depending on the skill build you're planing to achieve at level20.




From level15 to level16


Note:it is recommended to have chainless league quests finished


With this cap,you will most likely be using Radiant amulet/Impenetrable amulet/High-quality medallion(there is no actual difference between the 3 except for the name,just use the one with a better name in in your ear ♀) And berenger light crown and armour(which will grant you,in addition to its Magic power,Health points and dodge,the first set bonus of berenger light set which is over 200 HP), All the 3 of the amulet,hood and armour are bought from the virtue trader in nadir which requires chainless league quests finished.


For gloves and shoes,you can use the cheap blue lvl15 gloves with magic power and shoes with HP,or,you can buy set items (Berenger light,fury,power,despite..etc) from other players or market,or you can hunt for them from berenger guards (3 Red bosses in the same area withen the grey mountain caves,you will must likely be familiar with them as killing them is the last quest in chainless league quests) or you can earn them from quests in norlant (Quest insanity in swamps is the usually known for giving berenger sets' equips as a reward),at this point,capes will be giving energy regeneration as a bonus,you can either buy blue level15 cape or purple level15 cape as long as it has energy regeneration and magic power,Same for rings,you should buy lvl15 rings with magic power,either purple or blue(purple items have 4 states instead of the 3 in blue ones,but the later are usually cheaper to buy ♀ ),purple level15 items are either bought,hunted from berenger guards,or received as a reward from norlant quests.







At this level,you will be able to use level17 arena items,first item you will buy is a weapon


Then you will start buying the rest of arena items,arena level17 caster's shoes,hood,belt,and gloves ,astrologer robe/vestment(there is no different in the states between the two,how ever,the robe has a way better outside look than the vestment ♀ )


You will have to buy 2 rings,abyss zealot garnet/silvered/bright/black rings(no actual different,just buy the cheapest ♀ )


Also buy a cape,abyss zealot sacral/damned/black mantle(just buy the cheapest too ♀)


For belt,you can use the arena one you bought or star pilgrims belts




from level 18 to level 20


First,either buy medallion of thousand suns or amulet of inward power(same states,just buy the cheapest ♀ )


Now,you will be able to use lvl18 sets,there alot of mixes and sets,various builds and combinations,choose the ones that fit you most or use one of the common builds in the next section of the guide ♀


Level18 sets are:


Guiding thread set which comes with HP,energy and magic power with over 240 HP as first set bonus and 2.6% critical rate as second set bonus


Radiant fame/voilent storm/impenetrable shroud have the same states and set bonuses:critical rate,accuracy and magic power(except for hood and shoes,hood with energy instead of magic power and shoes with HP and energy instead of accuracy and magic power) with first set bonus of 2.6% accuracy and second set bonus of 2.6% critical rate.


How do sets work












4) End game skill builds and equip set ups




Firstly,we will start with skill builds:




₪1₪ All rounder:


Harad's tear 3


Word power 3


Armistic 3


Holy shield 3


Healing touch 5


You will have a wide choices of using tactic and strategies in arena and combat against other players with 3 word power and armistic,a fair chance of enjoying pinkish rain and considerable damage from tear multiples with 3 harad tear,and a high role as a healer for hunts with 5 healing touch and 3 holy shield,nice choice for pretty much anything.




₪2₪ Full hunter


5 Harad tear


1 Word power


1 armistic


5 holy shield


5 healing touch


You will always be the best possible healer out there with your support skills maxed,you will always be able to easily kill large groups of mobs quickly with tear multiples hitting everywhere,hunting in labyrinth and dungeons will be so fast with just 2 priests in party and tear multiples hitting everything!♀


Highly useful for hunting,and fairly good for arena(Recommended to demand with party comrades you know ♀ )




₪3₪ Full arena


(since players who make characters for just being the top on arena usually focus on both level20-19 cap and level18-15 cap,2 skill builds will be provided,one for level20 and one for level18)






5 Harad's tear


2 Word power


4 armistic


5 Healing touch






4 Harad's tear


3 armistic


2 word power


5 Healing touch




With this build,you will experiance the full potential of priests in team fights,armistic is highly useful since you're usually fighting more than one enemy,tear multiples will rampage the field,and enemies will keep lossing energy thanks to word power.


High recommened not to use this build unless the high position in arena was the sole purpose for creating your priest,as you will most likely lack good potential in other parts of the game.




₪4₪ Support,tactic hybrid


3 Word power


3 Armistic


5 Holy shield


5 Healing touch




You will be good in support,have much fun in combat against other players and arena,get a wide of choices and strategies to fight with(high staff amplification recommended for this build ♀)




₪5₪ An all arounder with less attention to arena


5 Harad's tear


3 Word power


3 holy shield


5 Healing touch




Exacly as the all rounder with afew exceptions,more fire power with level5 harad and therefore faster to finish quests and more tear multiples hitting ♀,and less effect when you get outnumbered in combat




Build 1 would be my choice for young priests who want to try everything, for a support priest 2 then 4, for an arena priest 3.


How ever,these are just common builds,I explained fair information about each skill in skills' part of the guide and you can choose your build on your own knowing what skills does and what you want to do.








And now for equipment set ups,choices out there are so wide and therefore I stick to common ones

the runes to enchant on armour,hood,belt,boots and gloves


choose yours as you like:




₪1₪ Full fire


All of Radiant fame/Voilent storm/Impenetrable shroud set(same states,different names,just have the cheapest one ♀ )


With a critical rate enchant on belt,cape,amulet,accuracy on hood,penetration on gloves,energy regeneration on rings,attack speed on body and shoes,HP on amulet and rings,parry on cape and dodge on staff.


This set up can achieve its full potential with skill builds that involve level5 harad's tear ♀


With high critical rate and high accuracy,this set up can let you hit your pinkish rain at full blast! Critical heals aren't uncommon at all with this set up,very recommended at 5vs5,3vs3 arena,and wars,not to mention hunts where you play the role of a healer for the critical heals,also make sure that your comrades are in a party with you for a chance of hitting who attack them with tear multiples as well


How ever,this build will leave you vulnerable against attacks,with low HP,therefore you will need your comrades to cover your back.




₪2₪ Full arena


As name suggests,you will be using arena equips.


With HP on rings and medallion_resiliance on shoes,belt and armour_physical defence on hood and gloves_mana regen on rings and belt_accuracy on gloved and hood_critical on cape and medallion_attack speed on shoes_dodge on staff_HP regenerate on cape_Energy on armour


This set up is quite good for almost everything,not to mention that it is cheap and easy to get,maintains important states with good HP and considerable defence,the most commonly used one for priests with limited resources ♀




₪3₪ Half arena/half guiding




Almost the same as full arena,just replace arena hood and shoes by guiding thread helm and shoes,with pretty much same enchants,this set up gives 500 more HP than full arena set up,though not everyone can afford it ♀










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5) Combat guide (I will split it into 3 parts,one for arena,one for known combos in 1vs1,and one for tips against every class)


₪1₪In arena


You will want to either use full arena set up or half arena half guiding set up.


For 3vs3 and 5vs5 arena

You will need to restrain your self from attacking directly and remine 2-3 tiles behind your comrades,cast holy shield on your damage dealing comrade before your team clash with the enemies then keep using harad's tear on the enemies,keep casting healing touch on the comrade who has lost most hp and have armistic casted on any enemy who turns his attention towards you,casting word power on enemies will be in handy if you cast it on the right enemy,in arena,you will always want the damage-dealing enemies to run out of energy first,then comes the healers,it is also important to attack the enemy who is being attacked by your comrades,lastly,keep 2-3 tiles between you and your comrades so you don't get cought in AoE skills of the enemy.


In 2vs2 arena,you will most likely want to have at least level3 armistic,a common tactic here is to be on the front line and make sure to cast armistic on the enemy team's front vanguard then aim to attack the other enemy who stayed behind,keep your focus on armistic so you keep 1 enemy attacking at a time most of the match as enemies will most likely target the priest first,also,a very successful and personally tested combination for 2vs2 arena is a team of a priest with the all-rounder skill build and a paladin with a high level of fetters of justice.


₪2₪Afew common 1vs1 combos

One of the known strategies of priests,is to cycle armistic and word power on an enemy,by casting armistic when the enemy's effective skills almost reach the end of its cooldown,followed by word power the moment armistic fades.


Against healing classes

You will want to time your word power with the cooldown of the enemy's healing skill followed by harad's tear.



Kiting means keeping away of the melee enemies to be able to attack them while staying safe from their attacks,for priests,the way of kiting kind of depends of armistic's level,for level1-3,simply walk away in a direction the moment you cast armistic,for level4-5, walk away but if the enemy follows you,change your direction to the other side and therefore he will stop the moment he reaches you during armistic's duration then continue to kite towards that other side.


₪3₪class-specific guide


Deathknights:it is wise to cast armistic on the enemy the moment he use threads to pull you and close destance,then cast armistic when ever the enemy enchant his weapon with exhalation,word power will be handy if you cast it according to the enemy skills' cooldown.


Necromancers: you will want to limit your armistic usage,as armistic won't be effective unless you were low on HP,cast word power the moment enemy's deathly eye is casted to breack his combo,and if he wasn't the kind of necromancers who use deathly eye combo,then simply time your word power with the cool down of his healing skill.


Warlocks:you will want to keep shield casted on you most of the time,have the enemy waste his dark circle by casting armistic at the end of dark circle's cooldown,followed by word power and harad's tear when armistic fades,move aside of the enemy AoE skills before armistic fades.


Barbarians:you will want to cast armistic on the enemy if he charge and his charge fails,then cast armistic when ever his strong blow's cooldown ends,always notice if the enemy tried to move away of you and cast armistic before he gains enough area to use charge,followed by moving near him and attacking him,then cast word power if he tried to move away to use charge before armistic's cooldown ends.


Rogues: against rogues,there isn't really some spacial trick but the basic strategy against melees,however,if an enemy gouges you and use stealth,you can unstealth him with a tear multiple hitting him by casting harad's tear on another target.


Shamans: just the common strategy of fighting healers,limiting the enemy's heal skill with timed word power that is.






6)Extra tricks


There isn't a considerable amount of tricks,it is just that no other section seemed to fit those ♀


₪1₪In the quest Rawa breath,you can kil any breath catcher even the ones with high HP without any risk,all you have to do is staying withen 6-7 tiles away of the catcher and fight the mob with 6k HP that will come at you while casting harad tear on it,tear multiples will be hitting the catcher in no time as his focus area is wider than his attack area.


₪2₪ due to the limitless range of tear multiples,you can attack any enemy with focus on you or your party mate by casting harad's tear on a nearby target,even if your enemy was on the side of the map and you were on the other side.


₪3₪ Due to the limitless number of tear multiples following any harad's tear,you can do more pinkish fire work the more enemies targeting you or your party with no limit,a known strategy in wars is to team up with a paladin with high level of fetters of justice,then let him go in the middle of the enemy hordes and cast fetters,followed by the priest casting harad's tear on any target(even a mob) from a safe area.






Extra credit goes to Ladygi for extra information,Egoist for using her mage's guide as a base for this guide and Oxford dictionary for 70% of the words in this guide ♀

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Sincerely thankful for moderator :D

Now let's see

Holla mates,this is exacly how it sounds,a large-scaled priest's guide.


Enjoying being sarcastic over there much? :snorlax:

It was for a contest,thus it will normaly have some fancy stuff,at least you don't see shitload of unneeded screenshots :D

Nice guide thank you


I didn't read all of it but as far as I can see this is a great guide  :good:


tq :blush:
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Lovely guide but... I wanna see the 2 Expert Skills involved in this guide, I wanna hear you experience with them as an priest expert. Set to Sticky  :good:

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2 hours ago, FoxKD said:

My Priest skills 


1 Harad's tear


1 armistic


3 word power


5 Healing touch


5 holy shield


Ilayathalapathy  :haha:

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