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Kronus’s Downfall


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Character's name: Stillron

Server: EU-Emerald


We noticed the first signs on the last days of spring: that’s when we realised that something had changed. That time of the year the weather was usually mild to allow our crops to grow, instead we were hit by the strongest snowstorm in decades. Borea had always been a cold and harsh place but this was nothing like we had ever seen before and we knew that our world would soon become uninhabitable. As time went by the situation got worse: the snow fell without respite on our barren land, the animals we usually hunted were starving and so were we. We were suffering from a terrible famine and our people were dying. My mother was sick and she and my little sister needed food: that’s why I decided to join the army, so that I could share with them the rations of food that soldiers received. Even our fearless leader, Kronus, who was usually so impassive, seemed perturbed. The people were getting restless and he knew that he had to act quickly or else all would be lost. One day he finally left his palace to talk to us, his powerful army. I was still a young girl back then and I had never seen him up close. It was a terrifying sight: I couldn’t help but tremble as I saw this enormous scarlet dragon approaching. He walked towards us slowly, causing the ground to shake at his every step and exhaling hot smoke that melted the snow he walked upon. He finally spoke and his deep voice resonated like the sound of thunder:
“As you know our world is facing unprecedented trouble. The weather is cruel, the crops are scarce and this land can no longer feed our people. But fear not, I have found a solution to our problems. We must leave this land and conquer a new world: Arinar. Its inhabitants are weak and primitive creatures and our great army will defeat them easily. We will enslave them and dominate their world.”
Kronus was sure that the people of Arinar wouldn’t pose a real threat to us: he underestimated them and that was the beginning of our downfall. We all knew that the reason our world was dying was the dark magic that Kronus used to prolong his life and stay in power, but we couldn’t question his orders and so we prepared to leave our homes and fight in a foreign land. Of course we were all scared and we didn’t know how we would get there, but Kronus had already found a way: he used his ancient magic to create a labyrinth, a secret passage between Borea and Arinar. He believed that we would cross it unnoticed and take our enemies by surprise, but things didn’t go as planned. He was still recovering from the incredible amount of energy he had used to create the labyrinth and our army was weak from hunger and marched slowly. We spent days in that hellish labyrinth, struggling to keep ourselves awake as our leader screamed at us to keep walking. In the meantime the people of Arinar were alerted to our presence and they got ready to fight. We didn’t even have the chance to see the blue skies of Arinar or breathe the warm summer air that we had long been dreaming about. Their army was waiting for us at the end of the labyrinth and it was the biggest one we had ever seen. Kronus had assured us that the different tribes of Arinar were at war with each other but apparently the threat that we represented was enough for them to come together: the highlanders and the elves fought together side by side, united by a common enemy. 
It was a ferocious battle and so much blood was shed on both sides. Kronus opened his powerful wings and breathed fire upon our enemies but we were trapped inside the labyrinth and even he couldn’t fly far. We soon realised that we were doomed: in front of us stood an army of skilled warriors and behind us was an intricate maze that led to a dying world. As the warriors fought and held us back, their warlocks cast an ancient spell created by the first dragon hunters and placed a terrible curse on us all. Suddenly Kronus’s mighty wings closed as he let out a terrible shriek and fell on the ground. He was in chains, trapped and doomed to let the astral parasites feed on his insides for all eternity, as we, his minions, stand by his side. The curse created a connection between Kronus and the astral labyrinth: if he dies the labyrinth will disintegrate and so will the two worlds that it connects. From that moment on our entire existence has been devoted to protecting the monster that is responsible for our ruin in order to preserve the balance of the worlds and avoid the destruction of Borea and Arinar. To this day brave warriors from Arinar venture into the labyrinth and fight us: they think that we are mindless minions but, even though we are trapped, we are aware of everything that’s happening and we are still able to think and feel. 
Sometimes I dream of my home in Borea and I imagine that it’s a beautiful place now that Kronus can’t corrupt it anymore. I dream that the crops grew back and that my family is alive and well. I think of my mother’s warm smile as she watches my little sister play in the fields. I dream of the rain and the sun and the sweet smell of honey that fills the air of the summer days. That is how I find the strength to accept this terrible punishment, to stand here and watch over Kronus, the heartless tyrant who led me towards this horrible fate. I know that I am giving my life for my family and for countless others who will never know my name or my sacrifice. 

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