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[2014.02.14] Happy Valentine's Day!


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Dear players!


On this most romantic day of the year nothing could be better than make your friends feel special and show your feelings? Make a romantic surprise for you and your friends!

Very special discount on romantic costumes selected especially for you!

75% OFF on Wedding dresses, Tuxedos, Cupid sets, Angel sets and Evening dresses!


But wait, there’s more!


During whole weekend get 50% more Miracle Coins with every Google Play purchase and twice more Miracle Coins for completing SponsorPay offers!


Offer ends: Monday, February 17th, 7.00 GMT


Make surprises and have fun!




Don't forget to support Warspear Online in Best App Ever Awards contest, just click that link.



AIGRIND company

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If you never gift chests people is unhappy.

If you give chest one time, people will pretend they have to receive it for every event.

If you give it for every event they will start to complain about the ammount.

If they don't complain about the ammount of chests they will find something else to complain about.


In the end, happy Valentines to everybody.

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paypal is gay...

Anyway to all of the people asking for chests: Shut the hell up! The devs don't give chests for a very good reason and it is that people have made a shitload of lvl 3s just to collect the chests which goes against the spirit of a gift and is more of taking advantage o the dev's kindness. I personally like to conclude  that most people who ask for the chest sets fall into this category. Its was a good thing while it lasted but people ruined it and now the devs have finally been smart enough to stop giving them so people would stop making lvl 3s while at the same time using up a good name that cold have potentially gone to a serious player.

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:fool: :yahoo: no more free 10 suprise chest gm knows many player create id all lvl3


troll mode: All players that have reached 20lvl will receive 10 surprice chest :D

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