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About CL Quest In US-Sapphire


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First of all Im A Lv20 Shaman from US-Sapphire and what's really making me mad after the latest update is


It's really hard for us,the US-Sapphire MC And Forsaken side to even pass a single stair at Elves side since they only need to camp and spam ranger's "Trap" skill at that narrow stair..

And Thats Not The Only Problem,

Even after you success to pass the stair and reach your CL Boss places,there are always Elves Farming Like 24Hours At There*z*..:(

I mean come on guys,how can we the MC Forsaken Side finish our CL quest and do different types of dungeon if its continue like this??

I just hope the future update wont be this stupid anymore need to done CL for Avyondil or what so ever..

I better left my +9 Shaman and stop wasting my money and time on this game if thats so..


By The Way,Try To Create A MC Or Forsaken Character At Us-Sapphire Now If You Doesnt Agree With Me..


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why not try use dark fool cap or invinsible ink? with some revive scrolls and strong party you will get it done easilly



and ill give you easy way to cross the stairs whiout even need army of mcs . just demand arena before stairs on that area .but you get another .the 100 elfs who will follow you :)


Not sure if i understood it.


By the way, those stairs are a joke!

Even with Invisibility, Revive Scrolls, WHATEVER. I bet it's on every single server, in EU is the same bullshit, and, if the devs really like mandatory PvP system like the one we have without regarding the PvE players, we should pretty much look for another game and GTFO for good.


Why those tiny stairs on the chosen side and a Canyon on Legion? Is there a plausible answer for this question?

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Already tried my best since yesterday,

Used 6 Pcs Invisible Ink and 1 Set Life Scroll to pass the stair and reached the boss's place:'(..

But now the most Annoying Problem is the Elves Farming At There Like 24Hours Non-Stop:@..

At first I thought "Aww,is ok I will just wait until they gone",but after 30mins or an hour later another party of elves came:'(..

And this keeps on repeating from yesterday until now I still waiting for the opportunities:-(!!!:'(

Now I feel like my Shamy is like someone who lost in the middle of zombie land:-(..

Feel like wanna give up on this stupid Chainless League Dungeon System and ready to quit:'(..

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I mean come on Snorlax or Roland,

I already gave you guys alot of my real earn money on this game to amplify my Stave+9 and Gears+7..

I really doubt if I can buy more miracle coins to amp my items to +10!?!?

Come on do something bout this!

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I've been stuck on Dinalt for a month.

And before that, Kratt, i had the quest for about a month and a half untill completion. And honestly i don't have the tiniest tidbit piece of a crump of a slack of will to even bother myself on trying such a thing. It is stupid and i would only stress myself out anyway.


Since i have a life to cope with and i can't stay online in front of a screen 24/7 waiting for their good spirit to leave there, i sincerely think that maybe i will never have the chance to do the dungeons of these new updates.

Which is ironic because i am not a PvP lover (i am a PvP hater actually, i only do it because of some quests, and i am a lone PvE/quester), i am someone who likes to follow storylines and dive into the game's story, and i was kinda expecting these dungeons and also i was relieved by the fact that they put some thought over the PvEers. But things ended up like this, i am forced to do something that i utterly and profoundly dislike from the bottom of my guts, in order to mayhaps, have a chance to do something that i love which is to grind mobs. I just wonder how long is it going to take for me to do that.

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You all probably play a long time so it's not a surprise that you need to complete previous content to get acces to new one.


There not camping always; fool's cap/invisibility ink + 2-3 potions + arena and you can do make it.


(btw i did dinalt and I have -3600 reputation and I just simply don't want to do more because it's enough for me so)

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Trizzz, I've played 4 other characters and all reached lv 20 with some +9+10 gear,

1st Warlock Fullset+9+8 great charm(deleted) :facepalm:,2nd Rogue Fullset +8+9+kw armor+10 great charm Done CL(deleted) :cray:,3rd Necro Fullset+8+5(weapon +8 doom but sold :mega_shok: Inactive and The Last One Shaman +9 Fullset+7 for now(Main Character Now But Stuck At Elves Island :sorry:

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the whole thing wrong with getting through elven passes is the hillside. No hillside = no stairs.



How about a different idea all together. Create two main passes at each side of the map that creates access at t4's. Leave one as a choke point but out of the away from spawns and high traffic, and the other wide open but at the main traffic routes.






choke point between t4 and t5 mc side that crosses the river.

wide open crossing between elf t5 and t4. ( one screen below cave, at the lower section. ) And add a road there.

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Dazz, Got to agree with you..

I have my ownlife and I need to work,so I wouldnt even bother on Warspear now..

But Im afraid the future update like Avyondil needs you to complete all the main quest on Swamp and Isernolt including The Chainless League in order to progress further :cray:..

Wouldnt it be a total waste of time and money on this game if thats true :facepalm:??

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I guess such problems in quests can't be help with game moderator. You're on your own as this is game's task.


Yeah,sapphire sentinels are over guard at that caravans stairs are really annoying. It's like they are online in game 24hours nothing else than just to watch over that stairs point like those SATPOLPP.  :wacko:  wonder they even sleep? lol


Prior to update or maintenance time or after is best for completing CL quests as most of players are busy and offline. Take a friend,cross the stairs when no elves there and go towards your boss.It is folishness to announce in world chat for help.You may be need to log off and on your character later.Just in case if they chase you..Take one elf character and watch over.if no one there log on do ur quests.


Alternative way,buy 4 -5 invisible ink or Dark fool cap and few Life scrolls. Use dark fool scroll and try cross the stairs.If any how you got trap try use revive scrolls and use dark fool cap or invisible ink and run towards your boss. It is likely you can be attack by mobs even if u r invisible sometimes. so try go through roads.Log off there and do ur quest wen u r alone.


I did complete my CL alone and few help of my frens in a day.Good luck. ;D



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Born identities, Crazy Idea You Got There :pleasantry:,

But I dont think I will throw my time and money again to play another character from level 1 to 20 and to amp its items from 0 to 10 :facepalm:

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Katerine, Yes I think thats the only option for me now.. :(

And Im jealous with you to done CL in a day with your necro where else my Shamy stuck there about 3 days still couldnt kill a single boss because of farmers :facepalm:

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Yeah, now that ranger blessing has a chance to break god protection, no amount of  arena demands and life scrolls will help you guys! MUAHAHAHA!



Just kidding, I really feel that the stairway should be increased. Maybe to 3 tiles? Also, I don't know why Sapphire elves always camp at stairs... it's more fun doing a stakeout at Nadir-said(You know, nip an invasion in its bud). Hardly any MCs come by stairs nowadays...

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