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Deity Statue suggestion


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Long story short, auto-attack reduce effect is not as widely used due to its rare usefulness (Orcinus tanking, anyone?) so im bringing this suggestion in hope of a future where Templars can provide more to their team except ping pong.


My proposal:


When the Templar puts their Deity Statue in a location, in a radius of 3 yards from the center of it, it constantly applies a defensive barrier/shield/protection buff that mitigates 10-20-30-40% incoming damage OR applies a shield that is 100-150-200-250% of the SUM of your physical and magical attack, for as long as the statue is on the field. As soon as the duration ends, all positive buffs are gone. For the duration the statue is on the field, it is invulnerable to damage.

Duration: 6-7-8-9 seconds

Allies affected: 2-3-4-5

Cooldown: 30 or 35 seconds


With this im looking to bridge the lack of the Sentinels to provide mass protection to their allies on the defensive side, as well as give Templars one better alternative skill to use for their arena/gvg endeavors


Constructive criticism will be appreciated

Edited by Hourai
Edit 1: Added invulnerability to the totem for its duration on the field. You can't attack a banner/totem, can you?
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As a templar main I agree wholeheartedly with this as of now deity statue is almost a useless skill there is not really any situations where I Find myself using it.  I think this is a great suggestion and I will follow with interest

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if the mitigation is mooved toward the statue it can be a good rework, but it would almost surely need a rebalance on the statue duration/resistance

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In my opinion deity statue is fine cuz lv 4/4 can adsorb 25% of dmg.the issue of templar is harad teaching +heaven expert skill adsorb a lot of mana.they should rework mana consumption.even though if they wanna rework the description will be( if u receive dmg for incoming monster can adsorb 50% dmg but if are characters on game 25%.of course they should up HP and rework cooldown and durability.

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