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Hp regen worst bonus in the game

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This bonus was bad at start of the game and even now nothing changed. Why would u put hp rune that gives points same as lvl of item over vamp rune that gives u much more back or why would u use items with hp regen  and sacrifice other better bonuses. There are 18 classes with over 200 skills and only 1 work with this bonus . This bonus doesnt have any value in any scenario even with some hp regen pots and scrolls . I have dk with 300+ hp regen and i dont see difference when im in pvp or pve . For others classes than dk its useless . I think that this need rework like it got smaller delay and doesnt change in action bcs even if u have 1k hp regen rn u will get 500 back in 5 sec but with vamp some classes can overvalue that in 1 sec. 

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