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[2014.02.07] Gifts and weekend Miracle Shop discount!

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Опубликованное фото


Defenders of Arinar!


AIGRIND company announces special weekend deal: 50% discount on all items in Miracle Shop! Don’t miss the unique opportunity.

But that’s not all! Every character higher than level 3 will receive 3 pieces of Unity Elixir! With its help you will receive twice more guild points during next 2 hours!


Explore new “Berengar’s Tower” instance and help your guild!


Good luck and have fun!



Offer ends: Monday, February 10th.


Sincerely, AIGRIND team

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I bought 1k of Miracle Coins and spent it. Right the next day i saw the offer when i logged in the game. :(

Next time yes...

Next time........













Gosh i was so dumb.  D:

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