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[2021.04.25] Season 1: King’s trials — Royal Festivities!

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Every day you get new tasks, completing which allows you to collect the entire collection of rewards available in the Season of Activities. And despite the fact that a large part of the Season is over, you still have a chance to get the maximum points in the last two weeks. This is because from April 26, 00:00 CEST, Royal Festivities are announced and the number of Season points for completing all missions will be doubled!


Still worried of not making it in time? Let's take a closer look then: now you can get 30 points for completing all daily tasks and an additional 30 points for weekly missions. With the increase, the number will increase to 60 points, therefore, in 2 weeks you can collect 960 points and until the end of the Season you can collect all the rewards, even if you only start now. Don't miss this opportunity to fill your bag with treasures or get useful buffs!


As a reminder, the Season will run until May 10, 00:00 CEST, so don't postpone your participation! In addition, do not forget that when you buy the Battle Pass, you will significantly expand the list of rewards, gaining access to truly unique items.


However, it is worth noting that, in addition to the currently indicated rewards in the Activity Center, another one will be added: for 900 points, each player can receive 1500 Miracle Coins! Thus, half of the cost of the pass will be returned to you.


The time of the “Royal Festivities” event: 26.04 00:00 CEST - 10.05 00:00 CEST


See you in the game!

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3 hours ago, Satarije said:

i did all my daily tasks from season pass and  I didn't get 30 points, maybe I missread, someone explain?

When you finish a task you should receive the points and notification that you have completed them.


Did you not get any of this?

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