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[2014.02.05] Technical maintenance

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List of fixes:


Increased magic damage for classes Mage and Warlock

Corrected heal spells for classes Druid, Shaman, Priest, Necromancer

Fixed issue with displaying effects of passive guild skills in window "All attributes"

Fixed issue with receiving rewards in instance "Berengar's Tower"

Changed time for instance "Berengar's Tower". Easy - 10 minutes, Medium - 11 minutes, Hard - 12 minutes.

Fixed parameters on item "Dragonslayer's Cloak"

when is fix for symbian bro??  :'( :'( :'(
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U say u fixed necromancers heal and yet I still heal 755 as oppose to 833 before?? Is this a joke?


+9 staff by the way....... if a shaman with +7 is doing 251 thats almost the equivalent to a necro with +9? Did u even fix anything for necros? I want my heal back

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Thank you, fixes sounds great. Especially the increased time for instances, i think everyone had given up trying to get to and kill the "hard mode" boss in time. And i hope magic users will be satisfied too. Or at least will be. :)

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snorlax, u say warlock magic dmg increase, but normal hit still same, life exhaust and plash too, its same, only arrow skill add dmg,, why???



Well warlocks dmg still the same and it will lower because of magic defence.



Btw I've heared that +10 amulet ~1500 magic def GL&HF!

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Опубликованное фото


Ok with that being shown. What are you guys doing? All these players are crying for just personal reasons. Id like to speak up for ALL HEAL CLASSES as a whole. I get that amps are important. I get that you guys are trying to generate mcoin sales. Cool yhe game costs you $$ to run. I get all that. Buuuuut...


In any economy it takes upper AND lower classes to make it work. Example: A company generates a product but if noone in lower class buyz it then production fails. How does this relate to the game?


Look at my staff. +9. My base heal before update: 762 after update:758


Now you might say "shut up noob our heals worse so quit crying" so ill respond early in kind:


You took away base heal of ALL heal classes making them extremly weak at base lvl heal. (No amp)

That alone creates an issue for healing even say miraksha. Not mentionin higher lvl bosses.


So back to my economic standpoint: Not everyone can afford mcoins. If a healrr cant do his job well at base lvl then they cant farm. No farm = no gold. No gold = no sales for those who DO buy mcoins. We can only amp so much so mainstream mcoin sales are by players who make gold in game off mcoin purchases.


My PERSONAL issue is this: I invested $100 usd in my priests gear. Now your basically telling me we dont care. Amping to +10 only gives me my base pre update heal. So i wasted $100 just to be "average"??? Im outraged!!! $100 on one class alone... and this is my thanks?


Where is the players benefit to spending more $$ in the future. Honestly now all classes have to do is amp magic def rings n ammys n stuff n priest/druid/shammy/lock/necro/mage classes are nerfed.

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