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those who want to know whats new 3.11


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ok so this post is for those who are confused or dunno what exactly is new ill post screen shots later if not removed....


Ok so update 3.11 is on official web www.warspear-online.com


However i noticed update doesnt work with all adroid os yet and idk if it will as im not a dev of warspear


Ok new things so far that i have seen

(Please share what u see if i havent listed it already ~thanks~)


~Bg tower now open

(kinda like snow dungeon)


~some plants and alterations of some arena maps

(Looks amazing love it)


~color changes in menu's


~avatar view in equipment


~magic converted all to 1 thing

(overall a good idea in the long run)


~minimize game in settings

(Dunno what exactly it does as mine doesnt work when clicked on)


~amping of rings and amulets

(Amazing thing to have absolutly love it)


Again if i missed anything please share and i will post screenshots later if needed...or requested thank you for your time


P.s. devs please dont remove this as its for people in e.u emerald that dont quite know whats in the update this will help with all the confusion i hope.






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